I left my heart & wishes in Belgium

Gudde Middag,

Flew to Brussels, Belgium on 2nd of April 2017 and my heart got stolen by this place.

Lets start the story in Belgium since I got a nice hotel right in the city centre and got friends to hang out with. After an hour break inside the hotel room, I went downstairs to meet them and went to Le Grand Place or Grote Markt. Its one of the famous landmark in Brussels and its one of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre. The place was crowded and full of tourist.

Lot of tourist there and I was too tired to enjoy the crowd, I decided to go with my Korean friend to another city nearby Brussels named Brugge. So the other 2 were continue their way to shopping centre. My Korean friend named Youngjoo (I called her Eoni to make it simple since she is older than me) and I then went to the Brussels Central and took train to Brugge. The train’s ticket price was € 29.90 for a day return (approximately IDR 425.000).

Captured the crowd in the train station. Train to Brugge was 2 decks train but I forgot to take a photo of the train anyway. Brugge is 5 stations away from Brussels Centre and approximately an hour trip, we arrived at the Brugge station and went straight to the Centrum area (I asked a guy sitting next to me in the train about Brugge and luckily he mentioned about Centrum, how beautiful the place is and how to get there). Centrum area was nearby the train station and it was only 5 minutes walk.

We then continue our walk to Minnewater or Lake of love where there is a lover bridge there. Its a great place to be with someone special (now you know why I put a title of this blog like that). It was literally a good place to relax and enjoy the vibes with your loved one(s).

If you can see the building on the above picture, there is a restaurant in front of the building that has a direct view to the lake. A bit regret that I didn’t try that restaurant because it would be lovely to spend time over there.

There is a story behind the Lovers Bridge. Legend says if you walk over the bridge and kiss your loved one, it will become eternal love (maybe that was why I didn’t walk over the bridge that time 😂). Walking around this place felt like being in the old city. The lake and the buildings surrounding made me wanna stay longer there.

A lot of shops and cafe along this way. Especially chocolate & beer shops.




Belgium known for its beer. Passengers sit in front of my jumpseat (crew’s seat for take off for landing) suggested me to buy some. One of them even wrote down the name of the beers.

Belgium also known for its chocolate. One of the best places to buy chocolate. So I ended up with bought lot of chocolates without even think twice.

Couldn’t help myself not to buy these chocolates. Went crazy for chocolate at that time.

Next stop was the beautiful church in this area called Church of the Lady. Had no chance to go inside but I was so glad to see this gorgeous church.

I spent 3 hours walking around this area and I really got the best experience. My friend and I were forget to check the train’s schedule so we assumed that the last train is gonna be at 7 (but actually the last train is gonna be at 12 am). We were planning to get some food but we were afraid to miss the train so we went back to the train station (one of the big mistake during travelling is not paying attention to the public transport’s detail). 

The next day I went out to the area around the hotel at 9.30 am. I went to the church and got “me time” for 30 minutes. Most of the shops were still closed so nothing much to do. I then decided to walk around, enjoyed the rainy morning and the ambience of Brussels.


Since I got mid-day wake up call, I went back to the hotel before 12pm and prepared to fly back to Dubai.

It was well spent days in Belgium especially in Brugge and I cant wait for my next Belgium trip next month! 💕



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