Geneva Bound


Just got back from Amsterdam and in the next morning my big baby B777-300 took me to Geneva in 6 hours 30 minutes flight. Easy peasy flight, lovely passengers and welcomed by a nice weather in Geneva. It was only 12 degrees so it was not cold.

Went to the city with 3 gorgeous ladies. We were going with the bus to the city and it was the first time for us in Geneva. We had no clue at all and none of us google-ing anything about this city. Lucky us we met a lovely lady inside the bus that directed us how to go to the city. She suggested to go to The Old Town as it was our first time in Geneva. We were double lucky because the hotel gave us a free ticket to go with every public transport in Geneva such as bus, train even free to go with the boat. It took us 10 minutes to reach the city. Hopped off the bus and walked down the street for 5 minutes, we finally saw a beautiful lakeside of Geneva. 

And here you can see a beautiful scenery as a background of the photo

We headed to the lake. What an amazing view I saw here.

I just couldnt get enough of the view. Clear water, mountain view, boats, swans, birds, and good weather perfectly set my sightseeing mood into maximum level. 

One thing I couldnt resist when I found a beautiful scenery place is taking photo of myself. Lol πŸ˜‚ I am not kidding but since my phone has a good camera effect so I always do some photo session (and of course taking photo for my friends as well since they always asks for more once I took a photo of them with my phone).

Oh I am sorry I poison your eyes πŸ˜‚

The only thing I dont like about Geneva is about the cost. Everything is expensive in Geneva. When people in Dubai made a meme “work until you think everything is cheap in Dubai” now I will change it to “work until I think everything is cheap in Switzerland”. Go girl! πŸ˜‚
We went to the fast food restaurant named Edward’s in Geneva. The picture of their burger was tempting from the outside. So we decided to grab it. Here is what I got

I paid for CHF 24 (approximately IDR 312.000) for this burger and a glass of wine (you know how the wine being served in a glass, right? Not even half of the glass). This place offers a good price for food because when we were passing by some restaurants, the average price for food only is CHF 45 (approximately IDR 590.000). But, it was the best decision ever to grab a burger from Edward’s. This place has the best burger I have ever tried. If you get a chance to visit Geneva, try to come and order for the classic menu of burger they have. You will fall in love for every single bite of the burger. 

There was a funny story about sightseeing in Geneva. We have no idea where to go so we just randomly walking around the city. We then reached the area with unusual view. There were 2 ladies stood outside the shop with super sexy outfit and high heels (I told you that the weather was not that cold but still, how come they survive standing outside only with a tight mini dress and high heels in 12 degrees Celcius? We were walking until approached the shop nearby these ladies stood and voala! We saw a beautiful scenery from the clear glass of the shop. There were some ladies inside the shop, sitting on the chair like a mannequin, worn sexy outfit and give a look “choose me”. The other side of the road, we saw some guys looking on us and giggling. I wish I could take a photo of this place. If you ever visit Amsterdam, this area is similar with Red Light District in Amsterdam. We were laughing at ourselves and couldnt believe that we lost in this area.

Once we successfully out from that area, we headed back to the bus station. We stopped by in some shops to buy chocolates and some gifts (Swiss chocolates, anyone?)

I was so happy got a chance to visit this city. I will definitely bid for this flight. I dont even mind if my flight schedule will make me operate any Switzerland’s destination for a whole month. Wish I could stay longer in this city (or even being a resident in here someday). Literally in love with this city πŸ’•


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