Bologna For Valentine’s Day (In Advance)


I was so happy that I finally operated flight to Bologna, Italy. I was bidding for this flight last month. Got 2 Bologna flights but I swapped another one with Moscow. Anyway, lets get started. 

I flew in the morning from Dubai and had 6 hours 45 minutes flight to Bologna. I was a bit tired because i didn’t sleep well the night before. I had only 2 hours sleep (maybe I was too excited) lol.

Landed safely and headed straight to hotel from the airport. I met and talked for awhile with the operating crew previously that going to fly back to Dubai in the airport. They were so happy and cheerful. They must had a great time in Bologna. 

Took a nap for 2 hours, woke up, dressed up and went downstairs to meet my Dutch friend. 

We then went out to the city centre (it was only 15 minutes walk from the hotel). 

I was planning to go to Florence by train that day to meet my best friend over there. But I was so tired (lack of sleep really kills me). So I decided to chill and enjoy Bologna to recharge my energy. Plus, one of my Italian colleague said its better to book the ticket days in advance through the website because I might get a good offer for the price.

One of the obvious differences between Bologna and other cities in Italy such as Milan and Rome is about the tourist, less of tourist in Bologna and that is a lovely thing. Because I can really enjoy the sightseeing day without being disturbed by people who gives offers to tourists. The weather when I came was only 5 degrees. It was fine for me. A long sleeve top, a jacket, a scarf, pants and boots are enough to keep me warm. 

To be honest I didn’t take lot of photos here. As I mentioned above that I was so tired and that was affecting my mood to take photos as well.

I passed by the Two Towers, one of the famous landmarks in Bologna. Two Towers are the traditional symbol of Bologna. The towers named as The Asinelli Tower and The Garisenda Tower. The Garisenda Tower is smaller than The Asinelli Tower. Both of them built in 1109-1119. 

Unfortunately I didnt get a chance to go to the top of the tower because it was too late and the last climb up time is 4.30 pm and its only for € 3. But I definitely will climb upstairs once I get back here. 

We made our way to Via Indipendenza, one of the main roads in Bologna. One of my colleagues suggest me to go to this place because this place has lot of shops and there are lot of big deals for shopping during this month. 

Even though I had no plan to go for shopping, but I couldnt. Who could stand for 70% sale of Italian products? No, I couldnt. We ended up bought 2 pairs of ankle boots for each of us. Just next to the shop we bought boots, there is a hair and body treatment product shop and I found the shampoo I have been looking for. A bit out of topic, but I have a problem with hairfall since I live in Dubai. Friends said its because of the water quality in Dubai. I put the water filter inside my shower as they suggested, it helps a little bit but I do need a good quality shampoo to make my hair better and I found it here in Bologna 💕

Another interesting thing of this city is you dont need to be worry to find where and what to eat. Lot of cafes here and they have tasty food with good offers. Most of them displays mouth-watering dessert that will make you forget about diet. I had dinner in a cozy cafe nearby Via Independenza named Magnifico. 

This cafe offers a buffet only for € 9.90 (okay lets make it simple, € 10). You can eat whatever you want with one drink. They have lot of option for food such as sandwiches, breads, pasta, vegetables, meats, etc. For drink you can choose any alcoholic or non alcoholic drink. Here is what I ate,

I went for hot chocolate for the drink because I was not in the mood to drink any beer or wine even though they have lot of options for beer and wine. At the end, I am more than satisfied for my hot chocolate because it was the best hot chocolate I have ever tried.

Look at how thick it is and I felt like dipped into the chocolate. It was just perfect! Not only tasty buffet food and best hot chocolate but this cafe also has tempting desserts that I couldnt resist. So here is the white chocolate crepes I ordered

Once I cut a little piece of it, I saw that white chocolate inside the crepes. I wish my tummy still has a little space for another dessert but actually mine was full and couldnt get any other food (so sad!). But I guess all of the restaurants and cafes in Bologna have tasty food and dessert. Next time I am here, I will make sure I go out with an empty tummy so I can try the food in some cafes (always excited for food!).

I was a bit dissapointed that I was not in my good condition that day. We went back to the hotel right after done with shopping and dinner. I just couldnt believe myself that I went to sleep at 9 pm and woke up at 7 am in the next morning. That was the longest sleep I had during layover! (Proud of myself for this. Really!). And here is the view from my hotel room in the morning

Went to the airport to fly back to Dubai in the afternoon, I saw a gorgeous Lamborghini parked and being prepared in the cargo to fly in the same aircraft I flew with. Whoever bought it, pretty sure its gonna be a gorgeous-fancy gift on Valentine’s day 💕

It was a lovely well spent Valentine’s day (in advance) in Bologna. Even though I was working during Valentine’s day, but all of the crew got a great time on board. Got a lovely cake on board with a lovely card from the catering. One of my colleagues brought a food on board. It was a traditional food from Rome named Coda alla vaccinara. It was Roman Oxtail Stew which cooked by her uncle and it was absolutely delicious! Valentine’s day on board? Why not? 

I bid for Bologna flight next month and hopefully I am gonna get it. This city is one of the cities I will never get bored of. Would love to go back here as soon as possible! 

Cao, Bologna! Grazie!


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