Dear my granny…

Throwback to 2014 when I took this photo with my lovely granny (in the hospital).

Let me introduce you to the greatest woman in my life. Her name is Sophi. She passed away a year ago (March 2015) because of cirrhosis. She had been struggling for more than 5 years (actually the doctor told us that she only had 3 months left at the first day she diagnosed, but once again, God only knows!)

She was always, always and always trust herself that she is gonna win the battle. But like a classic quotes, God loves her more than we do. So He took her from us to a better place in heaven.

Losing her was the biggest nightmare for me. She was (and will always be) the one I love the most (I have to admit that I love her more than I love my mom). Not because I do not love my mom (of course I love her!) but my granny has the biggest part of my heart. She was the one who built my personality. She taught me lot of values for life and love. She was amazing beyond compare. The best human God ever sent on earth.

During her hard times, the one she wanted to be right next to her was me. Sometimes it made a complicated situation because I was still busy with my daily activity in the university in the different city she was living that time, but she wanted me to come and sleep next to her (but now I regret my thoughts, I would like to give all time I have to make her stay with me. I swear I would give up everything just to make it happen).

She was the one who told me to be an independent woman, to be a strong & genuine person, caring for others no matter how bad the situation is, she told me that no matter how much affection I got from the family and people around – I can not depend myself on anyone else but me. The one who always got my back. The one who tried hard to make me happy, who never let anyone hurt me (sometimes it went wrong when she covered my mistakes in front of my family). But again, she just wanted to protect me. My real hero, my superpower woman (who dare to dispute her? No one. Lol). That was why I always be the winner of the ‘battle’ in my family (you were rock, granny!!).

Today is supposed to be her birthday. 22nd of November. Her second amazing birthday I guess, because today she will celebrate her birthday (again) in heaven.

Dear granny, Happy Birthday to you! I miss you more than anything. I wish that we could here to celebrate together. Blow the candles, make a wish, hug you and kiss your forehead.

Part of this Adele’s song perfectly describe the way I feel :

They say that time is supposed to heal

But I ain’t done much healing


Dear granny, there is so much more than to say if you here with me today face to face.

God has you in His arms, I have you in my heart, forever.


your forever little girl❤️


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